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  • Seafood and Scotch - Whiskey Muse
    LEARN Scotch

    Weird Whisk(e)y Pairings: Scotch + Seafood

    On this week’s Whiskey Muse YouTube episode I explore the first Weird Whisk(e)y Pairing: Scotch + Seafood. In this episode we’re featuring: >> Glenmorangie Original + Candied Salmon >> Bowmore 12 Year + Oysters…

  • Magenta Sour - Whiskey Muse
    MAKE Scotch


    Ginger and beet juice has got to be one of my favourite “green juice” flavour combinations. The spiciness from the ginger and earthy sweetness from the beets complement each other perfectly. For this beautifully…

  • Sand Castle Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
    MAKE Scotch


    I love Scotch, I love cocktails and I love portmanteaus. So when someone first mentioned to me that “Scotchtails” were going to be a popular feature for many cocktail programs this year, all I…

  • Whiskey Muse - Seelbach
    Cocktail MAKE Scotch


    You have something special to celebrate but can’t decide between raising a glass of whiskey or champagne. Good news, you can have it all… and as the saying doesn’t go, all at once. Cue…