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Scotch can be an intimidating drink for the inexperienced. And in a way, it’s sort of like choosing the perfect lipstick. There’s no right or wrong colour, just what you feel comfortable wearing. Often, your colour choice depends on your outfit, the mood, and what setting you’ll be in. Some feel confident wearing a bold red, others prefer a more neutral nude hues while some opt for a subtle transparent gloss.

For me personally, I enjoy peaty scotches as much as I enjoy fruity or delicate ones. Again, it totally depends on my mood, whether it’s being mixed into a cocktail and what type of food I am eating. Nevertheless, below is a beginner’s guide to choose a single malt scotch that’s right for you.

This infographic provides you a guide to choosing which scotch is right for you, their flavour profiles and they are categorized by price point. I encourage you to share the image below with friends! See if your scotch preferences match and maybe you can go in on a bottle.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the differences between scotch, rye, bourbon and other whiskies, check out this downloadable free guide here. And if you’re interested in learning how to make some scotch-based cocktails, you can hop over here too.

In the meantime, enjoy this infographic and let me know via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below which scotch you prefer!
Scotch Infographic

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