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What do cocktail making, painting, working out and architecture have in common? Well, while they all have technical rules and technical know-how that guide them, there is still a lot of room for creativity.

From having a fresh canvas and abundance of paint colors and brushes to having many half-drank bottles of whiskey and varying ingredients sitting in your refrigerator, you have the opportunity to experience and explore with every new drink you make at home.

Below is a visualization of how you can make 20 different whiskey-based cocktails with just having a few common household ingredients, sweeteners and liqueurs.

Cocktail Connections

Are there any themes or trends you see? Want to know how to make these cocktails? 16 out of 20 of these cocktails, their recipes, histories and flavor profiles are included in the Quintessential Guide to Popular Whiskey Cocktails. Check out what it’s all about here!

Also, if you’re looking for a bit of extra guidance, discover what 9 liqueurs you must have for you home bar here, the #1 secret to mixing great cocktails here and which glassware to have in your household here.

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