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While the history of this beverage is uncertain, some say it was created in the 1700’s in Scotland. The story goes that women in Scotland were not fond of the peaty taste of Scotland’s whiskies and therefore the Hot Toddy was created as a sweetened alternative.


1.5 oz whiskey
4.0 oz boiling water
1.0 tsp honey (*or cotton candy!)
1-2 cinnamon sticks
lemon slices
anise stars (or cloves/nutmeg)
lemon cotton candy


Place lemon slices, honey and anise or cloves into a mug.
Add whiskey and top with boiling water and cinnamon sticks.
Stir and serve! Top with cotton candy for a bit of extra fun (or stir in as a substitute for honey).

IMG_9738 REV
Cotton Candy Hot Toddy - Whiskey Muse
IMG_9712 REV
Cotton Candy Hot Toddy - Whiskey Muse
IMG_9715 REV

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