whisky ginger - whiskey muse
Cocktail Rye


One of the first “cocktails” you may have had in your life was the classic highball, the Rye + Ginger. Back before prohibition rye was the choice spirit of the American working class. Spicier and more aggressive than bourbon, rye was the drink that…

coco jane - whiskey muse
Bourbon Cocktail MAKE


My darling friend Jane and I recently had a chat about how delicious mint and coconut were together. Inspired by our chats, I’ve created Coco Jane, a super simple and refreshing cocktail with just a few ingredients and a whole lot of flavour. INGREDIENTS…

Tamarind Sour - Whiskey Muse
Bourbon Cocktail MAKE


Have you ever had tamarind before? No? I bet you may have and not even realized it. Drank a Caesar? Eat Indian Chutneys? Like Thai Curries? Tamarind can be found in many dishes and drinks including even Worcestershire Sauce (which is commonly used in…

Rambutan Green Tea Cocktail - The Whiskey Muse
Cocktail Japanese Whiskey MAKE


I recently had an opportunity to try Suntory Toki for the first time thanks to my lovely friend Matt aka The Whisky Chef (see our Toki Party here). If you haven’t heard of this whiskey before, it’s probably because it was just released in…

Bourbon Terminology Test
Bourbon LEARN

11 Hilarious Bourbon Terms (You Probably Never Knew)

During my adventures in Louisville, Kentucky in June, I was fortunate to participate in a number of distillery tours, courses and classes. And while the tours were no joke and I gleaned an incredible amount of information and insight from them, some of the…

Sweet Lust - Whiskey Muse
Bourbon Cocktail MAKE


Have you ever embarked on a romance that was fiery from the get go but had a short burn? You thought that it would last but after a few short weeks it came to an end leaving you wondering what the hell just happened?…

copper cafe - whiskey muse
Cocktail MAKE Rye


How do you take your coffee? For me, for this drink at least I’ll take mine double double. As in double cashew milk and double the whiskey. This cocktail is versatile as you can serve it hot, as a martini or iced on a…

#bourbonnightVAN - Whiskey Muse
Event MUSE


INTRODUCTION Knob Creek recently hosted a masterclass, four course meal and one-on-one cocktail making class for a number of influential food bloggers in Vancouver and I was lucky enough to get an invite to this wonderful event. Hosted at Dixies BBQ this Praxis PR…