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Mamma always said to eat your fruits and vegetables, and boy, have I got the solution for her. Savoury meets sweet meets frothy, this cocktail is definitely something different from the norm. I’m not quite sure if it’s “healthy” per se, but it definitely has a dose of fruit, veg, herb, and citrus so that’s something… right?

The cocktail name, Red Velvet #2 comes from the red peppers used, the velvety consistency from the edd white and the #2 because after a bit of research I found that Jeff Bell from PDT had already created a Red Velvet cocktail. If there’s a Corpse Reviver #2, there can be a Red Velvet #2 right?


60 mL High-Rye Rye Whisk(e)y*
15 mL Maple Syrup
30 mL Blood Orange Juice
15 mL Red Pepper Juice (or alternatively muddle red peppers into this drink)
15 mL Lemon Juice
2 sprigs Cilantro (one to shake into the cocktail, one to garnish)
1 egg white

*I suggest something with a high-rye mash-bill because it will have a more herbaceous taste profile to it!


In a cocktail shaker add a all ingredients. Do a dry shake (a shake without ice) until egg white is frothy and aerated. Add ice, do a second shake until the outside of the tin is chilled. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with edible flowers, cilantro and edible pearls.

RED VELVET #2 - Whiskey Muse
RED VELVET #2 - Whiskey MuseRED VELVET #2 - Whiskey Muse
RED VELVET #2 - Whiskey Muse
RED VELVET #2 - Whiskey Muse

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