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sour formula - whiskey muse

You may have seen that there are a lot of ‘connections’ between different types of whiskey cocktails in the “Connecting the Cocktail” article. Well that’s because I have a secret for you.

Did you know that there is a special formula that can help you become a master home bartender and will help to ensure that your experimental cocktails are much more likely to be freaking delicious?

Now whether you want to make a whiskey sour, margarita, daiquiri, kami kazi or lemon drop, they’re all the same (well same same but different). Check out the formula below (and share this image to your social media to help spread the word!)

the sour formula - whiskey muse

Are there any other cocktails you can think of that follow this formula? Let me know below!

Oh and if you’re interested in learning more about whiskey cocktails, definitely check out the Quintessential Guide to Popular Whiskey Cocktails! It will provide you with the history, recipes, ingredients and flavor profiles for 34 whiskey-based cocktails. Some of them even follow the sour formula!

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