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Thank you for joining me at the Whiskey Muse! This site was created to help those with discerning tastes enhance their knowledge and make their whiskey imbibing experience enjoyable + savoured.

Think about it, alcohol is consumed in many situations and has many universal purposes. We drink it when we’re celebrating, we drink it to drown our sorrows, we drink it with dinner, we drink to seduce people, we drink even at certain religious ceremonies. It can be used to help us loosen up and get comfortable. It can be used to complement the delectable flavours of a thoughtfully prepared meal. But if we’re using it to completely lose ourselves, it can be destructive.

Whiskey like life, has humble beginnings. Made from water, grains, yeast and time, it’s absolutely incredible how something beautifully sophisticated emerges. From each distillery, each company and each batch, a unique signature flavour profile is created using just these four ingredients.

Despite our differences, we all share a similar set of ingredients. And with knowledge and guidance we can learn to enjoy the complexities of its taste, the story behind the bottle and the thoughtfulness that goes in to mixing each cocktail which will make us appreciate its complexities and savour every sip.


Reece Sims - Whiskey Muse
Hi, I’m Reece! I believe in bringing people together through the power of the cocktail. I would call myself a whiskey enthusiast, as opposed to an expert and am looking forward to seeing the Whiskey Muse evolve over time as I learn and share more.

I can pinpoint my love of whiskey escalating to new levels to a few key people and things in my life. After moving to Vancouver, BC in November 2012, one of my good friends Terra also decided to move within a few months of my relocation. We began exploring this new “big city” together and started hitting the local hot spots regularly. As partners in crime, our mutual interest in whiskey was reinforced and shared and through continued experimentation (read: drinking A LOT of it), my love of whiskey grew.

Now after working in the corporate world for five years, I reached a point of burn-out and took a massive leap to quit my career and move down to Santa Monica, Los Angeles in July 2014 to take some time to explore, learn and do some major soul searching.

Through this experience I returned to Vancouver with a new-found perspective and began my own branding consulting practice. However, to ensure that I could pay my bills each month while building my business, I started bartending on weekends at a local pub/night club.

Soon after this I was invited to apply for a private members whiskey club, Club Wise, and was so fortunate to be accepted into the group. Over the course of 2015 I  experienced a number of tasting and education events that continued to feed my curiosity. Through interacting and engaging with people in a bar setting as well as these formal whiskey tasting events I realized that there are other women out there like me who enjoy drinking whiskey and want to learn more.

The only problem? A lot of the information out there currently is catered and marketed towards (middle age) men. While these resources are valuable, I truly believe that The Whiskey Muse is set to become the most comprehensive whiskey resource catered specifically towards women. That being said, men can certainly enjoy the site too!


In spending time researching and learning more about the industry and its processes, I have found that there are many underlying lessons about business, love and life that can be distilled from whiskey’s rich history that extend beyond simply savouring the drink. My goal is to provide you with resources and information in a fun, palatable way that helps you celebrate life with a bit more perspective and enjoyment.

Three articles that I’d recommend you starting with are:

1) Which Came First: The Whiskey or the Glass?

Ok I’m going to be real with you, this one’s not really about whiskey at all – but it provides a valuable perspective on how we prioritize things in life. I’d love to hear your feedback on whether you agree or disagree.

2) What’s the Difference? Whiskey vs. Rye vs. Bourbon vs. Scotch

Get the down low on the basics differences between the main types of whiskey. In just a few minutes and with the handy chart you can download you’ll be able to impress the pants off of your friends.

3) What Does Whiskey Taste Like: The Basics

Just like the titles says, in this article you’ll discover a few general rules of thumb when recommending whiskey to your friends (although, the only way you can truly make great recommendations is by trying them yourself first. ALL THE WHISKIES!)

Nevertheless, I look forward to having a drink and getting to know you and encourage you to join the Whiskey Muse mailing list (below) so you can stay up to date on all the amazing up-and-coming happenings.

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