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  • Sand Castle Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
    MAKE Scotch


    I love Scotch, I love cocktails and I love portmanteaus. So when someone first mentioned to me that “Scotchtails” were going to be a popular feature for many cocktail programs this year, all I…

  • The Mondaine Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
    Bourbon Cocktail MAKE


    I remember the first time I tasted a Negroni. It completely changed my perception about alcohol. With a mix of the botanicals in the gin, the bitterness of the Campari, the fruity flavours of…

  • The Wisecraic - Whiskey Muse
    Cocktail Irish Whiskey


    St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and because of this, I absolutely had to make a green Irish whiskey-based cocktail for the occasion. The day commemorates Saint Patrick’s feast day after bringing…