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The Mondaine Cocktail - Whiskey Muse

I remember the first time I tasted a Negroni. It completely changed my perception about alcohol. With a mix of the botanicals in the gin, the bitterness of the Campari, the fruity flavours of sweet vermouth and aromatics of the orange peel garnish, this new sense of cocktail complexity blew my mind (and tastebuds). More recently, I discovered the Boulevardier, a cocktail inspired by the Negroni but instead of using gin it substitutes rye whiskey. Inspired by these two cocktails, I wanted to create something simple to make, but complex (and strong) in flavour. With just four ingredients, this apéritif is set to become a new classic for bars and lounges alike.

The name “The Mondaine” is a play on the name “Boulevardier”. As a synonym to this term, both words describe a high fashion socialite who would frequent the popular locales in Paris. And while this cocktail is certainly fit for the modern socialites and fashionistas of the world, it can also be served to friends by any amateur or experienced home bartender.


1 oz Bourbon
3/4 oz Dry Sec Vermouth
3/4 oz Cointreau (or triple sec)
4 dashes of cardamom bitters
(lemon peel and apples for garnish)


In a mixing glass (or tall glass) fill with ice and add bitters, cointreau, vermouth and bourbon. Stir with a mixing spoon for 10-15 seconds and strain into a coupe glass. Express oils from lemon peel over beverage. To make it extra fancy, fan 3-5 thin slices of apple and garnish.


For this recipe, while any bourbon will do, I recommend using one with a slightly higher ABV such as Bulleit Bourbon or Maker’s Mark.

Easing in to strong cocktails? Feel free to serve this on ice. It will help to mellow the cocktail and evolve different and new flavours!

The Mondaine Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
The Mondaine Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
The Mondaine Cocktail - Whiskey Muse
The Mondaine Cocktail - Whiskey Muse

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