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Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse

This week I’ve been down in Louisville, Kentucky, taking in the full bourbon experience. And by “full experience” I mean I’ve tasted a lot of bourbon. All the bourbons. Well at least over 50 so far (don’t worry it wasn’t full ounces of each). And while I prefer to drink my bourbon neat, the hot weather in Kentucky (think 35+ degrees Celsius down here) has definitely been calling for something refreshing. Enter the Watermelon Fizz. This refreshingly summer-inspired cocktail is a great drink to share with friends.


1.5 oz Cask Strength Bourbon (try something like Bookers)
0.5 oz Peach Schnapps
0.5 oz Lime Juice
3-5 Chunks of Watermelon
Ginger Beer


In a rocks glass use a lime to rim the glass with juice then cover in sugar. Place the chunks of watermelon and muddle until they become a pulp. Add ice. ‘Activate’ the thyme by putting it in your hands and clapping them a few times then place it in the glass. Add bourbon, peach schnapps and lime juice and stir for 10 seconds. Top with ginger beer and give another quick stir. Garnish with additional piece of thyme.


I love to batch cook food during the week so I always have something healthy and delicious to pack for lunches or a quick dinner. This stir fry is super simple to prepare and pairs well with the Watermelon Bourbon Fizz cocktail.


Chicken Breast
Shiitake Mushrooms
Red Onions
Pea Shoots
Chick Peas
Nutritional Yeast
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Garlic Salt

Turn on your oven to 400 degrees. Empty, wash and dry a can or two of chickpeas and pour onto a baking tray. Cover in olive oil, paprika and garlic salt and bake for 45-60 minutes rotating every 15 minutes. In the meantime in a frying pan sauté chicken until almost cooked. Then add onions, asparagus and shitake mushrooms. Add a pinch of paprika, garlic salt, and a bit of butter for taste. Once cooked top with nutritional yeast, roasted chickpeas and pea shoots.

Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse
Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse
Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse
Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse
Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse

Watermelon Bourbon Fizz - The Whiskey Muse

Are you more of a watermelon + thyme, watermelon + mint, watermelon + feta or watermelon + cucumber kind of person? Tell me below!

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