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Weird Whisk(e)y Pairings: Scotch + Seafood

Seafood Scotch - Whiskey Muse

On this week’s Whiskey Muse YouTube episode I explore the first Weird Whisk(e)y Pairing: Scotch + Seafood.

In this episode we’re featuring:

>> Glenmorangie Original + Candied Salmon
>> Bowmore 12 Year + Oysters
>> Bruichladdich Classic Laddie + Scallops

So why do these pairings work so well together? Let’s break it down briefly.

Glenmorangie Original is aged 10 years in ex-bourbon casks and distilled in some of the highest stills in the world, making it soft, mellow, creamy and sweet. Some of the flavour notes for this Scotch include: citrus, orange, peaches, vanilla + honeysuckle. The sweetness and fruitiness that comes from this Scotch really helps to accentuate the sweetness in the candied salmon. I’d totally recommend this pairing at a summer BBQ!

Next up let’s talk about Bowmore 12 Year. This is one of my favourite introductory peated Scotches of the moment — the price point on it is so surreal coming in at under $60 a bottle in British Columbia! Nevertheless, what I like about Bowmore 12 is that aside from the peaty smokiness, there is a subtle element of lemon, honey and citrus in this dram. When paired with oysters, it really accentuates the brininess and contrasts the creaminess of the oysters making this pairing an umami explosion in your mouth!

Alright and finally, we have Bruichladdich Classic Laddie and sea scallops. Now I thought about pairing scallops with another peated scotch, but what I love about Bruichladdich’s Classic Laddie is even though it’s unpeated, it is made on Islay with a variety of peated Scotches (i.e. Port Charlotte + Octomore) and so it almost possesses a residual smokiness to it. In addition, because it’s aged by the sea it has a salty and peppery quality to the dram which helps to ‘season’ the scallops. Bruichladdich Classic Laddie also comes in at 50% ABV which is higher than Bowmore 12 Year (40% ABV) and Glenmorangie (40% ABV) and is non-chill filtered, giving it an awesome, oily viscosity that works well with the buttery-ness of the scallops. Finally, I found that the sweetness from the malt (which is super prevalent on the nose) accentuated the sweetness of the scallops.

The coolest part? All three scotches are under $70 a bottle! Checking out the British Columbia Liquor Store website:

Glenmorangie Original: $69.99
Bowmore 12 Year: $57.99
Bruichladdich Classic Laddie: C$66.99

seafood + scotch - whiskey muse

If you have any other weird pairings you’d like to see with any kind of whisk(e)y, let me know!

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