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Whiskey Glass Types

Aesthetically, glassware plays an enormous role in the way in which cocktails are made. That being said, there is a pretty profound lesson I learned about focusing too heavily on glassware recently. Nevertheless, while there are numerous types of glassware for cocktails, there are nine main types for whiskey-specific drinks. Some you may have heard of, others you may have not which is precisely why I’ve organized them into three main categories.

The Basics are the ones you’ve probably heard of. The Fancy are ones you may have heard of but are used for specialty cocktails. Finally The Connoisseur glasses are the ones that are less heard of but used only for those with the finest of tastes (or whiskey geekiness).


Shot Glass – A small, usually one or two ounce glass used for measuring spirits or shooting them straight from the glass.
Old Fashioned Glass – Also known as a lowball, short, rocks or tumbler glass, the old fashioned glass is used to make cocktails with ice in them. They are typically six to ten ounces in size.
Flask – Also known as a hip flask or kidney flask these containers are usually curved in shape to create comfort and fit the shape of one’s hip or thigh. While technically illegal to have in public, they can be discrete…


Glencairn Glass – Developed in Scotland in 2001, these glasses have become the go-to for scotch tastings. The unique shape of the glass, inspired by the traditional copitas, the curvature of the glass allows experienced whiskey drinkers to hold and focus the aromas of the whiskey.
Mint Julep Glass – Created by silversmiths in the late 1800’s, the mint julep glasses have become the official glass of Churchill Downs (horse race track) and the everlasting holder of the mint julep cocktail.
Irish Coffee Mug – These mugs are defined by being made of glass, being footed and having a stem. Don’t be afraid to use for hot or cold drinks!


Neat Glass – “Scientifically designed” the NEAT glass, which stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology, is a new tasting glass that eliminates nose burn and numbness and allows one to smell the true aromas of the whiskey.
Bugatti Kelch Glass – This tulip-shaped glass is a favourite among connoisseurs as the taper funnels and concentrates the whiskey aromas.
Copita Nosing Glass – This glass, which was originally made as a sherry tasting glass if often used by whiskey connoisseurs for enhancing the aroma of the imbibe.

Check out the visuals of the glassware here:
Whiskey Glass Types - Whiskey Muse

Is there any other glassware that I missed? The Classic Malt? Spiegelau? One of my new favourite cocktail glasses that isn’t on here is the “Nick and Nora Glass.” Tell me yours below!

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