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Manhattan - Whiskey Muse

Named after the home of Broadway, Times Square and Carrie Bradshaw, the Manhattan was created in a New York City bar in the 1870’s and was one of the first to use vermouth as a modifier. While this cocktail was originally made with American rye, Canadian rye has become commonplace thanks to the Prohibition era. The original recipe has since been modified to create variations including the Rob Roy, Perfect Manhattan, Rosemary and more.


3 dashes Angostura bitters
2.0 oz (Canadian) rye whiskey
1.0 oz rosso vermouth
lemon twist (garnish)
maraschino cherry (garnish)


Place bitters, rye and vermouth into a cocktail shaker (or one of those fancy mixing glasses or a coffee cup or whatever) full of ice.

Stir the ingredients until well incorporated (shaking them will bruise the alcohol).

Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with lemon twist and cherry.
Manhattan - Whiskey Muse
Manhattan - Whiskey Muse
Manhattan - Whiskey Muse
Manhattan - Whiskey Muse

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