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11 ways to order - whiskey muse

So how does one order their whiskey in a bar? In short, you can order is however the hell you want. Straight, with ice, with a mix, at the end of the day, however you like it is how it should be made.

Now, if you’re looking to sound like a pro while ordering, here are 11 terms that you can use to order at a bar or lounge:

1) On the Rocks: Served over ice

2) Neat: Served without ice (meant to be sipped)

3) Up: Stirred with ice and then strained into a chilled stemware cocktail glass (this would be appropriate if you order a whiskey-based martini like a Manhattan)

4) With a Twist: Served with a thin strip of citrus peel (usually lemon or orange)

5) With Lemon/Lime: Served with a lemon or lime wedge on the side of the glass

6) Shaken: Typically done when you’re ordering cocktails with fruit juices, egg whites and other non-carbonated ingredients. This helps to blend the ingredients together and incorporate air into the cocktail.

7) Stirred: Typically done when you’re ordering a cocktail that’s made with just spirits, sweetners and/or bitters.

8) Cask Strength: When whiskey is in the cask it is usually much stronger (like 60-90%). Water is typically added to bring the whiskey down to 40-50%, however some small-batch whiskeys are sold at cask strength.

9) Chaser: A small side of juice, soda or other beverage used to drink right after a shot.

10) Short: Served in a rocks glass (typically if you order a double-whatever highball bartenders will serve it in a tall glass so specify “short” if you want less mix).

11) Dram: The traditional Scottish name for a glass of whiskey

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